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Biggi Does Detox – Day 12

Well, I am definitely over the hump, and got lots of new-found energy! I felt a noticeable difference yesterday during my strength training session, which brings me to today’s topic of why strength training can make you healthy, happy, and sexy. I personally started working out with weights 30 years ago. What? It sure doesn’t […]

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Biggi Does Detox – Day 11

Coconut oil came to the rescue yesterday when I suffered from emotional cravings. But, not only that, coconut oil has many uses and benefits that can heal, prevent disease, and help you lose weight… 10 Benefits of Adding Coconut Oil to Your Diet Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides that are metabolized differently by the […]

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Biggi Does Detox – Day 10

Day 10 of my detox, and I feel like giving up. Not because I feel deprived or hungry or anything, but because I have this huge need for some emotional eating. I have to find a way to stop it in its tracks! Yes, I am an emotional eater! I bring joy and comfort to […]

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Biggi Does Detox – Day 9

Can water be the simple answer to your weight loss problems? Water can help you lose weight in several ways, while helping to flush toxins and giving you more energy. 75% of the American population is chronically dehydrated! Are you one of them? You may have been exhibiting all kinds of symptoms, that you don’t […]

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Biggi Does Detox – Day 8

Many scientific studies have been done on the health benefits and superpowers of green tea since the mid-nineties. From boosting your brain power to fending off diabetes, the list of benefits is ever-growing. The good news is, it only takes three cups a day to “keep the doctor away.” Health Benefits of Green Tea improves […]

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Biggi Does Detox – Day 7

Just because you are eating clean, doesn’t mean you have to feel deprived or that your food has to be bland. With these 3 secret ingredients, every dish will be to die for. 3 Secret Ingredients And, drum-roll, please… the ingredients are: Salsa Olive oil Himalayan pink salt Most vegetables will taste great with just […]

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