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Biggi Does Detox – Day 21

Hip hip hooray! I made it! Day 21. Honestly, it felt so good to treat myself like a queen. Yup, that’s what it felt like when I got to eat only healthy, wholesome, nourishing foods for the past three weeks.

21-Day Detox Results

I lost 2.2 pounds, and an inch off my waist, but the important improvements lie in the symptoms that went away. I saw improvements in 20 areas on the symptom checklist, which can be summarized by category as follows:

  • Clarity
  • Allergies
  • Skin
  • Digestion
  • Mood
  • Energy

How would you like to have more clarity, more energy, and be happier? And while you are at it improve your complexion, allergy symptoms, and digestion? I think those are incredible results for only a 21-day period. Now imagine what your life and your health could be like if you continue eating clean, nourishing foods?

And now… Take action! Get started today on your 21-Day Detox for a Sexy New You journey, and discover life in a healthier body and mind!

As I mentioned in a previous video, I am also enjoying my new-found enthusiasm for health and fitness, and am now on a new schedule of daily walks and 4 weekly weight training sessions. I have also improved on the amount of sleep I am getting, and am planning on keeping it up.

I think I will permanently replace morning coffee with Yerba Mate with coconut oil. It’s just so delicious! And, may I suggest eggs and guacamole for breakfast? Yum!

If you have gone through the detox, I would love to hear your story. Please comment below!

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