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Biggi Does Detox – Day 11

Coconut oil came to the rescue yesterday when I suffered from emotional cravings. But, not only that, coconut oil has many uses and benefits that can heal, prevent disease, and help you lose weight…

10 Benefits of Adding Coconut Oil to Your Diet

  1. Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides that are metabolized differently by the body. Medium chain triglycerides go straight to the liver, there they are used as a quick source of energy or turned into ketone bodies.
  2. Populations that consume coconut oil are some of the healthiest people in the world.
  3. Coconut oil helps you burn more fat. The medium chain triglycerides in coconut oil have been shown to increase 24 hour energy expenditure by as much as 5%.
  4. Coconut oil contains lauric acid that can kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
  5. Fatty acids contained in coconut oil can reduce appetite, positively affecting body weight over time.
  6. Medium chain triglycerides found in coconut oil can increase blood concentration of ketone bodies. This has been shown to help reduce seizures in epileptic children.
  7. Coconut oil can reduce your risk for heart disease by improving LDL, HDL, and total cholesterol.
  8. Coconut oil can be applied topically as a skin moisturizer. It can also be used as mouthwash by oil pulling; this can kill harmful bacteria in the mouth, improve dental health, and reduce bad breath.
  9. Fatty acids in coconut oil can increase brain function in Alzheimer’s patients.
  10. Coconut oil can help you lose the dangerous visceral fat around your organs.

For maximum health benefits choose organic, virgin coconut oil.

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Coconut Oil Popcorn Recipe

This recipe makes enough popcorn to fill a large bowl.


  • Large Heavy Bottom Pot


  • 1/2 Cup Organic Popping Corn
  • 1 1/2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil (or switch out the 1/2 TBS with red palm oil)
  • Sea Salt


  1. Heat your pot over medium heat. Be careful not to go over medium heat, or you may experience a very unpleasant chewy texture where the kernels were heated too fast and did not completely pop.
  2. Add the coconut oil and let it completely melt. Once the oil is completely melted put a few kernels into the pan and wait for them to pop. This helps determine when the oil is heated enough to popping.
  3. Once the test kernels have popped, place the rest of the popcorn seeds into the pan and cover.
  4. After the kernels begin popping, begin to shake every 10 seconds or so until you hear the popping slow down. When the popping slows down to a pop every 2-3 seconds remove the pan from heat and continuously shake for another 10-20 seconds. This helps the popcorn at the bottom from burning.
  5. After the 10-20 seconds, or you feel the popping is finished pour into a bowl, salt to taste and enjoy.

The above recipe was published by Coconut Mama.

100+ Coconut Oil Uses

Also check out 100+ Coconut Oil Uses here. From cooking to moisturizer to hair treatment to parasites and Alzheimer’s, the list of uses and benefits is huge!

Are you using Coconut Oil? What are some of your favorite ways to use it? Please share in the comments. I'd love to know!

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