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Biggi Does Detox – Day 3

Today I am going to share some fabulous tips about the benefits of lemon juice for detoxification and weight loss. But, first things first… Detox Day 3 – Workout and Meal Timing Day 3 of my detox, and I am proud to report I stayed in the saddle, and things are going well. I got […]

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Biggi Does Detox – Day 2

Not all detox programs are the same. Some are based on juicing and shakes, others require you to purchase a battery of expensive supplements that help rid your body of toxins. The 21-Day Detox for a Sexy New You is not like that… In my detox I focus on removing the most toxic (and often […]

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Biggi Does Detox – Day 1

Today’s the first day of my 21-Day Detox, and this isn’t quite the post I expected to be writing! Keep reading and watch the video for the stories behind the Explosive Butternut Squash, Rock-Hard Beef, Battle Scars, and the Dirty Dozen. Overall, I have been feeling just fine, and haven’t noticed any weird side effects. Yesterday […]

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Biggi Does Detox – Preparation

Here are some good practices for preparing for a detox to make sure you succeed. I am also sharing how I personally prepared in this post’s video. Enjoy, and let’s get started together! So, what do you need to do before you even start your detox diet? While the following steps are not that hard […]

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Biggi Does Detox – Your Invitation

Fellow female entrepreneur, are you sick and tired of your excess weight, bloating, fatigue, and other symptoms of toxicity and inflammation in the body, and do you want to get your figure and energy back? Then I would like to invite you to join my 21-Day Detox for a Sexy New You! I want to […]

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