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Biggi Does Detox – Day 19

How often have you tried losing weight? How often have you failed, or gained it all back after initially succeeding? The 3 key ingredients for weight loss success are the right system, support, and accountability.


If you’ve been trying to go it all alone in your weight loss efforts, you may have been doomed to fail from the start. A survey of people that committed to a new year’s resolution found that the small percentage of people that actually stuck with it contributed their success to having support and accountability.

Ready to join Biggi for the 21-Day Detox for a Sexy New You? Join a supportive group of peers today!

Lose Weight with Support & Accountability

The easiest way to get the support and accountability you need is to join a group like our very own Nourish Play Love Inner Circle Coaching Group. With peer and expert support and coaching, plus the motivation and accountability you need, you are primed to succeed.

But, of course, there are also ways for you to create your own support team, and hold yourself accountable:

  1. Make public (on social media, to friends and colleagues) commitments to your weight loss or fitness goals.
  2. Report publicly about your workouts and healthy meals. You know people love when you share a picture of your meal!
  3. Celebrate your wins publicly, and receive further encouragement and gain the respect from your peers.
  4. Round up some friends to join you, and have a friendly competition.
  5. Journal your workouts and nutrition.

And finally make sure you set achievable, long-term goals, and visualize your desired outcome often. Believe you can do it. I know you can!

Have you used additional tricks to keep yourself on track and accountable? My readers and I would love to know. Please, share in the comments below!

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