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Biggi Does Detox – Day 15

It is very important to maintain a strong core, as you depend on it for all movement, back health, balance, and good posture.

The Benefits of Core Strength

Here are some of the amazing benefits of increasing your core strength and stability:

  • Improved performance in sports as better core strength helps product more force for your limbs to run, jump, throw, etc.
  • Reduced back pain through better muscular support for your spine.
  • Better posture through strong muscles around your torso keeping you more upright.
  • If your work requires physical activities, you’ll find yourself much stronger when lifting, standing, or twisting.
  • A strong core will protect your organs and prevent injury.
  • A strong core also leads to better balance.
  • Will give you sexy abs.

Getting Started with Core Strength Training

Here are 9 great exercises to get started working on your core. They all incorporate one of my favorite pieces of fitness equipment, the fitness ball. (You are already sitting on one at your desk, aren’t you?)

Core-strength Exercises with a Fitness Ball

A good exercise routine pairs well with good nutrition. Clean up your diet and¬†balance your hormones with Biggi’s 21-Day Detox for a Sexy New You!

Sexy Abs for Women

And here are the top 5 exercises that will train all aspects of your core and give you those sexy, tight abs:

Top Five Core Strength Exercises For Tight Abs

I am curious, do you already own a fitness ball? If so, what are some of your favorite exercises to do with it? Please let me know in the comments!

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